Online ReMarketing

Search Retargeting 

A web user conducts a search – we collect data and as the user browses the web we target and display ads the user clicks through and converts.

  • Targets; Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Keyword level bidding allows you to control your bids.
  • Follow the searcher for 15 minutes or 5 days or even 15 days. This optimized your CPA, CTR and CPC goals.

Contextual Targeting

We can target peoples’ browsers who have read or are reading specific content. If they are reading an article on finance, we can make them an offer for credit card, loans, investment platform etc. The offerings are endless.

  • Keyword and content level targeting maximize your dollars spent.
  • We search across all major realtime exchanges.


Site Retargeting 

We remarket to anyone visiting your website!

  • Re-target on Facebook, Twitter and all across the web.
  • We reach across all devices: Mobile, Laptop, Desktop and Tablets.
  • Low CPM – Stretch your budget.
  • No commitment – just pay for what you ordered.
  • Full support and custom reporting.


We start by geo-fencing your store locations.
to 30 days.

  • This will ensure that clients who have visited your locations see your ads and are reminded to come back.
  • We will also geo-fence competitors and other places where we believe your potential customers may be and we’ll show them a special promotion or sale to help draw them to your location to make a purchase.


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