Online Marketing For Doctors

GEO – Targeting
Everyone looking for an attorney within 30 miles.

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Search Retargeting
Target users who have recently searched for keywords and phrases relevant to your product and or services.

Category Contextual Retargeting
Target users viewing content that you define as being relevant to what you offer.

Targeted Display Ads
Targeted display, we are following the USER not specific sites.
Targeted Display delivers Ads that are relevant to the user.
Sites they visited, things they searched and content they read.

Pay Per Click Ads
Pay-Per-Click is one of the most popular forms of advertising.
It refers to when you, the advertiser, have your ad appear on a site
be it permanently or based on a keyword.
Each time this link is clicked, you pay the site where your ad appeared.
As a way to bypass organically generated search engine results by bringing
customers directly to advertisers, PPC is only second to SEO in
terms of quality and effectiveness.
Plus, the adaptability means you can afford such a campaign no matter the budget.



Saying an SEOs role has changed in the last five to 10 years is an understatement.
SEOs are tasked with more each year and the definition of SEO has broadened significantly.
It’s become nearly impossible to be a one-man (or woman) show.
It requires a team with a number of different skills to perform quality SEO today.
In some cases, SEO is an effort in futility and buyer beware!
You can waste an awful lot of money with no results, so talk to us!


Unstructured Data
 We have the ability to target precisely the audience you want.